Case study IMIdigital

How IMImobile’s ‘Gift an Album’ solution helped a leading UK rock band to grow their fan base and take the tour experience to the next level.

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Improving the fan experience for a leading UK band

For any musician or band, the more ears their music reaches the better. Touring provides a special opportunity for artists to connect with and build their fan base while generating revenue through ticket sales. 

IMImobile worked with a leading UK band to create a "Gift an Album" solution—expanding the band's listeners and reaching new fans. Through the IMIdigital platform, every fan who purchased a ticket to an upcoming show received a promotional code to be redeemed for a copy of the band's latest album.

Download the case study to:

  • Understand the objectives of the program and the challenges the band was looking to solve.
  • Learn how the solution worked, from ticket purchase to product delivery.