Whitepaper Quocirca + IMImobile

An IT leader’s guide to bridging the gap between digital communication channels and business systems

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Transforming digital service delivery

The business need for innovation to meet complex demands and challenging market conditions always has an impact on the IT function. There is widespread customer acceptance of new forms of technology, but also massively increased expectations of a compelling interactive experience with it.

With IT under pressure to rapidly deliver steep changes in digital CX, the analysts at Quocirca have published a new whitepaper in partnership with IMImobile which explores key challenges and solutions.

This whitepaper dives into: 

  • The business challenges that IT organizations face on the road to digital transformation including internal politics, cultures, and existing department structures.
  • Implications for IT departments when supporting organizational changes in customer experience.
  • How to address these challenges including how to make changes to long-standing technology and toolsets.