Whitepaper Creating the digital contact Center

How to add digital and mobile engagement channels into your contact center

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Overcoming digital customer engagement challenges

Uber is the world’s largest taxi company yet owns no cars. Facebook is the most popular media owner but creates no content. And Airbnb is the world’s largest hotel provider but owns no real estate. These companies have come to dominate long-established industries by offering a slick and simple CX, anchored around digital and mobile channels.

Digital transformation, particularly as it relates to customer engagement and CX, has never been more of a priority among organizations than it is today. Because just a single disruptor can change the face of your industry in an instant, the stakes have never been higher to get it right when it comes to CX. 

This whitepaper sets out practical approaches to solving many issues faced today including:

  • The key drivers and challenges of digital customer engagement. 
  • What’s needed to start introducing new mobile and digital channels in contact center operations. 
  • Recommendations on how to move fast enough to respond to the needs of the digital customer.