Solution sheet Automated surveys

Real-time, contextual feedback from customers over their preferred communication channels

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Engage with customers at the right time and gain real-time feedback over their preferred communication channels

With increasing smartphone penetration and an explosion of digital channels, the online and mobile methods for obtaining customer feedback are surpassing traditional methods such as mail, telephone, and personal interviewing. Not only are the traditional methods costly, but they also often lead to poor response rates and low-quality feedback.

IMIconnect’s Automated Surveys overcome the limitations of traditional surveys by enabling businesses to quickly create and deploy automated, multi-channel surveys to their customers.

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  • Understand how IMIconnect's Automated Surveys can help you to leverage channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter to conduct and improve the quality of responses of multi-channel and multi-language customer surveys.
  • Learn the key features, capabilities, and benefits of our Automated Survey solution that have allowed businesses to achieve up to 10x higher response rates and more than 50 percent reduction in surveying costs.