Solution sheet Two factor authentication

Easily add a second layer of authentication to safeguard your customer’s identity and future-proof your service

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Protect your customers and business applications against identity theft

Identity theft is amongst the fastest growing cybercrimes and is increasingly becoming a major threat to businesses around the world. To ensure data security and prevent brand damage, businesses must add a second level of security to authenticate access requests, over and above the existing password-based security. 

With IMIconnect’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), businesses can easily add a second layer of security through a combination of user-memorized passwords and dynamically generated one-time passwords to confirm the customer's identity—enhancing the security of critical business applications such as websites, customer portals, and mobile apps. 

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  • Understand how the advanced capabilities of IMIconnect’s TFA solution enable you to easily add a second layer of authentication
  • Learn how quickly IMIconnect's TFA solution can be integrated with existing websites and apps to facilitate fast, effective and reliable global customer-authentication