Report Mobile consumer behavior

The evolution of the digital swiss army knife, the mobile device.

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Dive into the role mobile plays in consumer life.

The dramatic evolution of consumer technology has forever shifted the way that we communicate, not only with friends and family but with businesses. Where once businesses relied on direct mail and phone calls to reach their customers directly, they can now text, email, tweet, instant message.

Such an explosion of possibilities has left many organizations in need of guidance. We took a look at the behaviors, thoughts, and opinions of the people who really matter — your consumers.

This research uncovers how consumers are using their phones and what they think about mobile communications, gathering actionable insights to inform the mobile strategies of a whole range of businesses.

This report will give you:

  • Results from an in-depth consumer survey that highlight the behaviors and attitudes around technology in the mobile age
  • Key findings and data to build a well-informed mobile strategy that works for your organization
  • Guidance for organizations to stay ahead of the curve to deliver on rapidly-evolving customer expectations