Product sheet IMIdigital

Find out why world-class global enterprises trust IMIdigital to deliver best-in-class content experiences to more than 500 million mobile subscribers

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End-to-end digital content service delivery

Driven by increased smartphone and tablet device penetration, there is a growing hunger for multi-media mobile content services. 

However, deploying content services presents a number of challenges for organizations today including content licensing, building a content management system, ensuring multi-device delivery, and monetizing content. All these challenges must be solved to enable service deployment and ensure a best-in-class customer experience. 

IMIdigital provides the infrastructure and tools needed to deploy mobile content services. At its heart sits our carrier-class Content Management System (CMS). 

In this product sheet, you'll find: 

  • The challenges facing organizations today in deploying content services to their consumers
  • An overview of the key features and benefits of the IMIdigital platform
  • IMIdigital success stories of some of the world's biggest brands including Universal Music Group and Vodacom