Product sheet IMIsocial

When the audience talks, IMIsocial lets you listen, interact, share and enrich live programming with audience generated content.

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Stop transmitting. Start engaging.

The internet, social media, and mobile technology has transformed how audiences consume digital content. Audiences no longer want to just listen and watch, they now want to join the discussion and interact with the media and brands they follow. 

In order to enrich live programming with audience generated content, brands and enterprises need complete visibility over social, digital, and mobile channels to identify interaction opportunities. As well as the ability to filter, curate, and integrate content into the live environment. 

IMIsocial provides all the tools for the entire value chain, from editors to production teams, to harness audience generated content in order to interact with and build relationships with an audience base. 

This product sheet will provide: 

  • An overview of the challenge organizations face today with listening and participating in live conversations with their consumers over social channels
  • A high-level look at the key features and functionality within the IMIsocial platform