Whitepaper Orchestrating the omnichannel customer experience (UK version)

What telcos must do to get it right and why

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Explore how to develop the ability to orchestrate the customer experience

Consumer behaviors continue to evolve as new mechanisms for communicating and sharing emerge. Simultaneously, OTTs, content providers, and aggregators are vying for market position and customer attention. Against this backdrop, rampant commoditization continues to erode profit margins, leading some to believe that the only source of differentiation now is the quality of the customer experience. 

Ovum analysts Pamela Clark-Dickson and Jeremy Cox uncover the two-pronged approach that telcos must take to survive and thrive in such a volatile, unpredictable, and complex environment.

In this paper, explore:

  • How consumer behaviors are evolving and what telcos must do to develop the ability to orchestrate the customer experience.
  • The steps telcos must take to ensure that customers will want to stay long enough to enjoy the new digital services developed as telcos morph into digital services providers. 
  • The four key objectives telcos must achieve as they build out their omnichannel platform — customer recognition, orchestration, continuous adaptation, and the protection of the customer.