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Instantly harness enterprise-grade multi-channel chatbots to transform your customer engagement strategy and increase customer service automation.

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End-to-end chatbot solution for contact centers is an end-to-end solution built for AI-powered customer service automation at the enterprise level. Delivered as a fully managed service through our cloud infrastructure, offers the quickest and most secure route to implementing chatbots that easily integrate with existing systems, processes and services 

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  • Learn the core components of the modular design including the IMIbot Builder, IMIbot Intelligence Engine, and IMIbot Cloud Management.
  • Understand how AI chatbots offer contact centers the opportunity to reduce inbound traffic to agents and improve the customer service experience.
  • Discover why global enterprises are turning to IMImonile to provide end-to-end service fulfillment and omnichannel integration to ensure a consistent user experience across all channels.