Case study Financial services

Building solutions that improve the banking experience, reduce fraud, and increase contact center efficiency

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How IMImobile helps leading global banks transform the banking experience by automating customer interactions

The banking sector is being transformed. Advances in digital and mobile technology, paired with changing consumer behavior are fueling industry disruption. Tech companies, start-ups and challenger banks are using a digital and mobile-first approach to offer innovative services and unique experiences that today’s consumer craves.

Find out in the case study how IMImobile is helping banks around the globe to digitize customer journeys across 10+ channels. Learn how banks are using IMIconnect and IMIengage to build solutions that improve the banking experience, reduce fraud and increase contact center efficiency.

  • Customer interactions are being automated across 10+ channels 
  • Real-time fraud prevention solutions are helping to protect customers 
  • Customer self-service and agent-assistance over messaging channels is increasing contact center efficiency